Yoga Rouge hot classes are 90-95 degrees. We use state of the art radiant heat panels, which not only feel great on your skin, but also increase flexibility and circulation, provide pain relief for sore muscles or aching joints, and help you sweat more, which aids in detoxifying. We also use an elite steam and humidifying system to keep the air moist and easier to breathe. Our extra padded bamboo floors absorb impact as well as noise, making practice easier on your bones and joints.

Our teaching practices at Yoga Rouge are from the heart – not from a script. We give responsive instruction by watching, listening, and feeling the energy of the room during each class. Yoga Rouge teachers are here to guide your practice, assist and enhance. Our classes are a moving, flowing, breathing meditation, while also an intense aerobic muscle-building workout. All levels and all people are welcome in all classes. We offer skilled instruction for all levels. If intense is not for you, we offer modifications. Workshops and private lessons are available at Yoga Rouge for beginners and fundamentals.

Alignment is important for stability and safety; however, at Yoga Rouge, we encourage freedom and full expression in your poses as you progress at your own pace. There is no judging and no ego here -- we encourage everyone to learn from one another. Our focus is on group breath, mindfulness, and being truly present in the moment. While Sanskrit is beautiful, all Yoga Rouge classes are taught in western language, as it is easier to process while you are moving from pose to pose.

Yoga Rouge offers a comfortable environment that allows every individual to transform at their own pace. With Yoga Rouge, you will be empowered to make your practice what you need it to be, whether to perfect the perfect pose or to fully express and expand your own unique practice. We only request that egos and shoes be at the door. Together, we will build community, while celebrating the individuality of each member.