What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes that move and bend with you, and will keep you covered in all positions. If doing hot yoga, be prepared to sweat! Clothes designed to handle perspiration work best.

Do I have to be in good shape?

No, but before starting any new physical activity, you should check with your doctor. You should also listen to your body and pull back or modify if you feel weak or dizzy.

What should I bring?

WATER! Your mat, a mat towel (for hot yoga), a face towel, blocks and/or straps. We do have blocks and mat cleaner for your use. We do sell and rent mats, mat towels, and face towels. We sell water and other beverages.

Is there music?

Our classes do not have music. We listen to the class breath and call poses accordingly. One of the most beautiful experiences is that of a large class joined in synchronized breath. Yoga Rouge occasionally has special classes with live or recorded music, but we notify you of these.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

It is not required, but advance sign-up is recommended to ensure your spot and allow our team to prepare for larger classes.

What if I fart?

Everybody does it, nobody cares. Just keep going with your class!

What if I have to use the bathroom?

Please quietly leave, and quietly come back with little to no commotion.

Where do I put my keys, phone and stuff?

We provide cubbies that are monitored while you are in class. PLEASE SILENCE YOUR PHONE.

What if I have to leave early?

If you can, let your teacher know ahead of time and try to find a spot as close to the door as possible

Should I eat or drink before class?

Each person and body is different, but we do not recommend eating an hour before class. We do recommend drinking plenty of water, especially after class.