Heather Kemp

500 E-RYT Live Love Teach

I have been around yoga my entire life, but after a serendipitous encounter with hot power yoga, I fell in love and developed a positive addiction and connection to the practice — I went from doing yoga to living yoga. I realized yoga is not about fancy poses; it’s about shutting out all the clutter and noise in your head, being present, listening, being silent, being free, breathing and living fully. My life, my world changed. Yoga is an amazing journey, a transformation of self. In a culture where yoga studios have become commonplace, Yoga Rouge is a unique refuge available to all seeking to learn, experiment and explore.  The most important part of a yoga class to me is to have fun, laugh, and sweat!


Brenna Cutlip

200 RYT

Brenna discovered yoga philosophy in high school at an important age, for it took her life in a positive direction. She started a consistent asana practice early in college through which she learned a lot about herself and the true need to let love rule. Due to her Sagittarius nature you will see her classes vary from vigorous flows to ooey gooey melt on your mat asanas. She hopes to inspire self-love, balance, and not taking oneself too seriously. Shanti!


Adam Fontenot

200 HR

My practice began about 3 years ago in a Hot Yoga studio on a very rainy Sunday night, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Once I discovered Hot Power Yoga in Austin TX, I began searching for a similar studio here in Baton Rouge and that journey led me to Yoga Rouge! My style is fast-paced, energetic, sweaty, and most of all FUN! Hot Power Yoga is the perfect compliment to my workout routine. So join me on your mat and make it your new favorite sweaty workout!


Carly Wayt

200 HR

My yoga practice began with by chance almost 4 years ago. Since then I’ve played with different styles and teachings of yoga, finding that each offers something that my mind, body, and spirit benefit from, yet what I crave in my practice is heat. With it my mind and body move seamlessly together. Thoughts are kept at bay allowing me to be fully engaged and truly present. A connection of mind, body, and breath is what I enjoy most in my practice and what I seek to share as a teacher.


Gabi Danna

RYT 200

I began practicing yoga as a complement to my dance training six years ago. Overtime it became much more than just a physical practice, as I grew to understand the true benefits of uniting the mind and body through breath. I am a forever student of this meditation in motion, and all things movement. I am a 200hr RYT and Power Pilates Mat I and II  Teacher. Join me on your mat, and let’s move, sweat, and BREATHE!


Helen Kolb

RYT 200

I am a RYT 200 certified teacher who fell in love with my mat 6 years ago. My passion for breath has guided me exactly where I need to go in all aspects of life, so I try to make it a big part of my own practice and my classes as well. I love teaching it all; slow and strong vinyasa flows, yin and restorative, and also meditation. My goal as a teacher is to share and teach my love for connecting our mind, body and breath with the result of truly being present within our practice.


Allyson Huval

RYT 200

I began my yoga adventure when I was about 6-years-old practicing with my “flower child” granny! Yoga has allowed me to be open to continuous growth intellectually, physically, and emotionally. It has given me playfulness of mind and acceptance of my body’s capabilities. The more I practice, the more I receive. I love being able to extend the benefits of yoga to empower students of all ages to help them recognize their full potential. Come laugh with me as we both practice together!

Linzay Lyles

RYT 200

My yoga practice began 5 years ago during a time when my high school athletic career consumed my life, even to a point of over-training. To cope with not being able to participate in any of my sports for a while, one of my cheer coach’s bribed me to take a hot yoga class at 5 a.m. on a school day. From that point on I continued to practice yoga, and was completely rehabilitated from my injuries. In fact, my training was and has continued to be strengthened as long as I keep yoga in my everyday life as well as any training. In 2014 I completed my first yoga training with Yoga Power Play creator, Lauren Darnell, in New Orleans, LA where I became certified to teach children’s yoga. In 2016 I began a rewarding journey of earning my 200HR through Live Love Teach. My yoga practice truly began once I became less focused on the next pose and more focused on the breathing in the pose as well as transitions. And this is why I share yoga!